TJ & Korie Holden

Holden Wedding | Ecotrust | Portland, OR

Seating ChartOn July 11th, 2015, Korie & TJ Holden were officially married (again) on the rooftop of the Ecotrust in Portland, OR. Family and friends from Hawaii, Norway, Israel, and all over the continental US flew in to celebrate. We’re suckers for all things related to the beach and hawaiian music and this travel themed wedding had plenty of both to spare! We personally thought their wedding vows were some of the most genuine, yet comical we’ve ever heard and I wish I had recorded them. Guests were treated to some delicious food from Ate-Oh-Ate catering and late night pizza from Hot Lips. We also wanted to give a little shout out to Morgan Harris of MH Events for her wonderful help as a coordinator. You can always tell when a wedding had a good planner/coordinator calling the shots and looking over the little details.

DJ Thoughts

Silicon Forest Entertainment provided music and lighting for the ceremony and reception. As a DJ, we always appreciate a venue that lets us play at full volume and the Ecotrust definitely let us do our thing! However, other vendors out there should be advised to arrive early! There’s only one service elevator to get up to the terrazzo on the 3rd floor and it’s pretty slow. We had to commiserate with the bartender and caterer as we all tried to get our stuff up there one trip at a time. That being said, once we were settled in, the coordinators were a delight to work with and we couldn’t have asked for better weather that evening! There is a medium sized dance hall on the second floor that can comfortably accommodate about 100 people. We quickly set up about 10 uplights down there along with a custom monogram and dance floor lighting. We provided two complete DJ setups; a couple of EV ETX12p speakers with a microphone and laptop on the terrazzo (rooftop) for the ceremony, then moved down to the dance hall around 8:30 for the remainder of the evening. Downstairs we used our EV ETX18SP subwoofer with 2x 15″ Mackie Thumps. At one point, I could swear we were about to jump through the floor when the music was bumping to “Uptown Funk”.

Pictures and Video

Check out the official pictures from Lucrezia Schuler Photography as well as a few that I took on my iPhone and a short video! 🙂

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