Bourn Birthday Bash | Kennedy School | Party DJ

On Friday July 10th, Cindi threw a surprise “Turn Down for What” 60th Birthday bash for her husband, Jerome, and invited Silicon Forest Entertainment to come be the DJ and kick the party off right with a big entrance at the McMenamin’s Kennedy School in Portland, OR. Cindi had been rigorously planning this party for months and was able to recruit friends and family from all over the US to surprise Jerome for his 60th Birthday. He had no idea when he walked through the door as you can see in the video. After dinner, friends and family each shared some of their special praises for Jerome as a father, brother, cousin, and husband.

DJ Thoughts

If you’ve never been to the McMenamin’s Kennedy School, you’re missing out on one of the coolest little spots on the McMenamin’s lineup. They have a couple of different restaurants and breweries, English hotel rooms for overnight stays, indoor swimming pools, detention halls, movie theater, and a few other unique surprises that you’ll have to see for yourself. As a DJ, I appreciated the ramp access in the rear entrance to load the gear up without tripping over stairs. You can play pretty much as loud as you’d like inside the meeting room until about 10pm. After that, we had to drop back down to background volume. The staff were friendly and accommodating and went out of their way for me to hold doors and assist while loading and unloading gear. I would definitely recommend this venue for smaller casual occasions or corporate meetings.

Check out this short video of the surprise party welcome and some of the dancing highlights. You might learn how to “Whip and Nae Nae” 🙂