Sanders-Estrada Wedding

Sanders-Estrada Wedding | Union Pine | Portland DJ

Colin & Misael Sanders-Estrada

This dapper couple was married at Union Pine in Portland on July 18th, 2015. Colin and Misael have some of the finest friends and family we’ve ever met. They gave us a huge list of music to play throughout the night and we were able to get through about 80% of it before we had to kick everyone out. This wedding came in the same month as the Supreme Court ruling rejecting any state’s same-sex marriage bans. There was quite a cheer throughout the crowd when the officiant announced his authority “granted by ALL 50 states” to announce their marriage. It was a moment that I’ll never forget and I’m sure everyone there was just as happy about it as Colin and Misael.

DJ Thoughts

I love it when I can pull my truck up right in front of a venue and unload all of my gear with minimal distance to carry through elevators and hallways. The venue can comfortably accommodate about 125 guests and it’s “cozy” 🙂 As the name suggests, there are beautiful wooden floors and wainscoting throughout the venue. There is a ceremony/dance floor area right as you walk in the door and then it opens to a raised level where the bar and reception hall can seat everyone within line of sight of the designated DJ area. The ceilings are a bit low so it provides some intimacy to the space and definitely helps with the acoustics. We only needed to use our 18″ EV ETX Sub with 2x ZLX12P top speakers. The coordinators from Union Pine were more than helpful and even invited everyone for a walkthrough ahead of time to make sure everyone was on the same page.

Photos & Video


Photos Credits: Andi West

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