Mormon Prom 2016 | Tualatin, OR | High School Dance – DJ

Every year in Portland, OR the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints (Mormon Church) puts on a special prom for their youth ages 16-18. This is an awesome opportunity for some of the young men and women to go on their first date and enjoy a “Prom” without any of the added pressures otherwise felt at a normal prom. We spent about a week or so curating our normal dance playlist to make sure all the music was appropriate and current. As it turned out, these kids wanted some older stuff as well. We played some Journey, Michael Jackson, Edwin McCain, and others that I thought were strictly wedding material 🙂

The youth leaders went all out with the decorations as you can see in the video. The theme for the night was “A Night in the City”. They built an entire replica of the Steel Bridge, the famous Portland deer sign, and other popular landmarks around Portland. We just had to provide the music and lighting. In partnership with SweetDee Photography, we also provided a digital Photo Booth where kids could instantly share the pictures to their Facebook or email. This is a new service we’re offering this year and the debut was fantastic! Check out some of the pictures below the video!


To see the full music playlist, go here: 2016 Mormon Prom Setlist

DJ Video

These kids are definitely the “New Bohemia”. Mormons have always been a “peculiar” people… just like everyone else. To view the video in HD, you’ll need to click through to Vimeo!

Photobooth Pictures

To see all the pictures for a limited time, you can view them here: Photobooth Dropbox

In the meantime, here are a few of our favorites:

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