Farinacci Wedding | Columbia-Edgewater Country Club

John & Jessica Farinacci did not want a typical wedding! And as a Portland DJ, we love mixing things up a bit! They reached out to me last summer and said that they wanted a lot of big band and swing music at their wedding but that they didn’t envision many people dancing. We were happy to oblige and relive the days when I wasn’t too afraid to dance and learned how to do the lindy hop 🙂 As it turned out, for a small portion of the evening we had quite a few people on the dance floor. The song that really got everyone on their feat was Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean”.

John and his family are proud naval officers and wore their blues to the wedding. Jessica dropped the traditional white dress in favor of a beautiful blue ball gown to go with it. At one point in the evening, John’s brothers and father all shaved their heads as a show of camaraderie and brotherhood. They came out right before lunch and surprised their wives with the new hair styles. After which, Jessica asked us to play some trivial pursuit as a way of releasing tables for the buffet. We had some spirited guesses from all tables for about 10-15 minutes 🙂 There were tons of other board games and card games set out by the dessert table for those people that wanted to relax and play rather than hit the dance floor. We loved the idea of incorporating trivial pursuit and board games into the celebration. For Jessica’s first dance with her father, they started with a traditional slow song and then had me jump into a condensed version of “Time Warp”. During which, the rest of her family got up and joined them to a short choreographed version of the dance. It was awesome to see the reactions on everyone’s face! 🙂

This was our first time DJing at the Columbia-Edgewater Country Club and we really enjoyed it! The food was fantastic and the staff were very accommodating. They have a really nice area for the dance floor / ceremony with a big fireplace front and center. The only thing that was a bit odd was the shape of the room. We were situated in a corner where it was a little hard to position our speakers in a way that everyone over by the other wing could hear announcements very well. For our next engagement there, we’ll be sure to bring our wireless speaker setup to extend around the corner.


For a full playlist of the evening, check out our setlist here: Farinacci Wedding DJ Playlist

Photos & Video

John and Jessica hired a very talented photographer, Misty Bay Photography, and were lucky to have their friend Jake of 3rd Power Productions there to put together a video of the whole wedding. Check it out here:


Image courtesy of Misty Bay Photography


Image courtesy of Misty Bay Photography


Image courtesy of Misty Bay Photography