Vaughan Birthday DJ Party

Vaughan 40th Birthday | Damascus, OR | Party DJ

Last Saturday we drove out to Damascus, Oregon to help Lisa Vaughan celebrate her 40th Birthday party by DJing at their beautiful home in the hills. They had a perfect extended driveway which we converted into a cozy dance floor with uplighting. Here’s a couple of shots before the sun went down.



Everyone gathered inside the house for a few minute to sing “Happy Birthday” and cut the cake before kicking off the dance party at 9.

IMG_1995 IMG_1992

We used 9x ADJ MegaPar Plus uplights with the ADJWD3C DMX controller to keep them in sync. Due to it being outdoors, we didn’t bring our fog machine or moving head dance floor lights, but I don’t think they were necessary for the smaller dance floor. It was also the debut appearance of our new 18″ subwoofer, the Electro-Voice ETX 18SP. This subwoofer is a beast and I couldn’t turn it it past -2db without rattling the house behind me. At -3db, it added enough “thump” for everyone on the dance floor to feel the funk 🙂 We also used 3x 15″ Mackie Thumps, which generally provide plenty of bass on their own, but we adjusted them to take care of the highs and let the Electro Voice sub take over the lows.

Unfortunately, Dionne was out of town so I had to shoot everything on my iPhone when I could sneak away from the table. I didn’t bring a dedicated microphone for the video so the sound quality got too condensed on my iPhone 6. It sounds a bit distorted, but I’ll work on my editing skills for the next one. Here’s a video anyway… excuse the low quality as the iPhone 6 doesn’t do too well in low light:

Once the sun went down and everyone had enough liquid courage, the dancing kicked off promptly at 9pm. We DJ’d everything from Country to Hip-Hop and EDM. A few of the highlight songs were “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars, “Naughty Girl” by Beyonce, and “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. We ended up playing until about 1am, despite a couple courtesy calls from the local Sheriff! It made this DJ happy to know our subwoofer was able to annoy the nearest neighbors a mile away 🙂